About Me

For my 8th birthday I asked my parents for a tape player, so I could record my favourite songs off the radio and a camera so I could take photos. My 8th birthday cemented my two biggest loves in my life; music and photography. I would take my camera everywhere I went and some of my own family members favourite photos are the ones a sneaky 8 year old self candidly took. The downside to owning a film camera at 8, was not having the funds to develop my film. The heartache of seeing the little film canisters sitting on my desk in my room just waiting for me to save enough pocket money to have them developed. Over my teenage years and in to my early 20’s life become more about school and building a career and somewhere in the mix of that, I put my cameras down and stopped taking as many photos. As a fully grown adult and having a family of my own, I invested in a new digital camera and reignited my love of photography. My career before having a family was not in photography, but it was within a creative role in the housing development industry.

I was passionate about my job and was lucky enough that I found something I enjoyed while being creative. Unfortunately my role was not a very family oriented position and I knew I needed to make a change heading back into the workforce. I knew I would need to be doing something creative in order to love my job. How does that old saying go? “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”? Photography always has been my passion and I’ve recently ventured into taking that skill, talent and adventure of taking photos of my own family and begun to forge my new career as a photographer. I want to capture your family. I want to give you that feeling of cherishing the moments captured in a photograph just like my family does with the photos taken by an 8 year old sneaky camera wilding girl. I can assure you that the skill, quality and talent has far surpassed any and all expectations I had when I was 8. I look forward to creating beautiful and meaningful images with you that you are proud to display on the walls of your home.

"We are taking photographs to understand what our lives mean to us" —RALPH HATTERSLEY